The Bar-B-Q Center

Bar-B-Q Center

The Bar-B-Q Center all lit up and visible from Main St., Lexington

Along Interstate 85 like a lit beacon is the neon sign for the Bar-B-Q Center, which welcomes travelers and locals alike to come in and enjoy some of the barbeque Lexington, NC has to offer. The restaurant is the first of such eateries found along the streets of Lexington, and in my opinion, is a great place to start when looking for good barbeque. I remember coming here as a child, and always having fond memories of the food, especially their famed banana splits; so it was with great enthusiasm that I agreed to go with my fiance to review the restaurant. Since the theme of this blog so far has been barbeque, we only sampled their sliced plate and chopped sandwich (sorry, no banana splits this time.)

Table full of BBQ

The perfect BBQ meal for two.

My fiance, Cindia, ordered the sliced plate while I had the chopped sandwich. A plate is when barbeque is presented on a plate as opposed to being on a bun with sides. Both options usually come with red slaw, which is like coleslaw but instead of using mayo or dressing as the base, a vinegar barbeque sauce is used. The plates usually come with french fries and hushpuppies, little golden nuggets of deep-fried cornmeal. No barbeque meal would be complete without the proper libation–sweet tea.

The Pit

Barbeque pork shoulders cooking to perfection.

Later, we asked the owner if we could go back and tour the kitchen to see where the magic happens, and to our surprise he said that it was okay. The cooks start the barbeque process at about 5 a.m. with the building of the  fire, and are usually done with all of the pork shoulders at 2:30 p.m.

The meal we had was delicious, and I liked my sandwich so much, that I had to order another (this little piggy went to town!)

-Zach Leonard



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5 responses to “The Bar-B-Q Center

  1. Ronda

    This BBQ is delicious… I am glad you featured it!

  2. Luis Gonzalez

    Zach you are such a kidder!!!!
    I’m on the other side of the world right now were ironically they don’t eat pork, and your review of the BBQ Center sure makes me home sick and I’m from NYC, but I had the pleasure of eating at this establishment and I still remember that banana split.
    Thank you.

  3. Cool site! I am big fan of BBQ. I once contemplated traveling all over the South and doing food reviews just on BBQ. Lexington could occupy a space as big as most states would get. I also like Eastern NC style. Of that my favorites were Wilbur’s in Goldsboro and “B’s” outside of Greenville. Here in Asheville it’s “12 Bones”.

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