I had the time of my life at the Davidson County Agricultural Fair

Speckled Llama

This year there was a speckled llama, donkeys, and a giant turkey. Oh my!

Fair time is here again!

Many in the area are familiar with the Dixie Classic Fair, which will be over in a few days. I had the pleasure of going yesterday to that fair. There were lots of rides and lots to see and eat. It’s a great fair, but my fair season starts with the Davidson County Agriculture Fair in Lexington, NC. It took place this year September 20 thru 25, and don’t worry if you missed it because it comes back with a vengeance every year.



In my short experience of fairing, the Davidson Fair is by far the best. You don’t have the grandeur and bright lights of bigger fairs, but you definitely get a taste of country charm. You get all the regular fair attractions: ferris wheel, chance games you can’t win, fair food no one can afford and fireworks every night. Admission is $7 after the gates officially open sometime after 3pm.

The farm animals are the best at Davidson–you can get up close and personal with them.  Every year, the Davidson County Beauty Queen contest is held at the fair and some of the kookiest bands you’ve ever seen play. My favorite this year were the husband and wife team that sang about not driving and using your cellphone at the same time. There was even karaoke for those brave enough to sing in front of their neighbors.


Sweet Potato Fries

Fresh, hot sweet potato fries at the Welcome Civitan's kitchen.


No matter what fair you go to, it seems that every year prices keep going up, and Davidson is no exception but civitan clubs, which are civilian volunteer organizations, always try to offer low cost food of the best quality to hungry families. Civitan clubs reprensenting different areas in the county sell food in “kitchens.” If you’ve been to the Dixie Classic, you’re familiar with them. Churches and sports team looking to raise money usually run them. At the Davidson Fair there are only five kitchens run by volunteers who show up year after year. It’s the best food at the fair and the cheapest.


Fried Bologna Sandwich

Fried bologna sandwich, Mom didn't make them like this.


This year we tried a variety of staples offered at the kitchens. Cheeseburgers, fries smothered in hot cheese sauce, and all the sweet tea you can drink. One of my favorites was the Welcome Civitan’s sweet potato fries, a new addition to their menu. The Welcome Civitan’s were also selling baked goods made at home and individually wrapped for the fair. We tried a fried bologna sandwich from the Linwood Lions, something new I’ve never heard of, or had. The fried bologna is topped off with healthy spread of mayo. Delicious.

The kitchens serve breakfast and lunch every day the fair is in town. Visit the fairgrounds early and you won’t pay admission to eat.

– Cindia G Leonard

If you want to see more of our scenes from the fair, check out our album on our Facebook, The Lexingtonian.


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