How Will You Spend Your Cinco?

Cinco de Mayo Specials at Don Juan's

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, we dropped in for lunch at Don Juan’s Mexican Restaurant.

There are three Don Juan’s in the Triad, in Lexington, Kernersville, and Kannapolis, but the Lexington location came first. In 2010 they expanded and renovated their space, and began transforming their menu, elevating it from regular Mexican food to something more eclectic and interesting.

There is a covered patio for outside eating, but because the sun was particularly bright when we went, we decided to eat inside. The restaurant is done in a rustic Mexican style, with soft lighting and an eye-catching mural across one wall. They play a variety of Spanish music on satellite radio—loud enough to enjoy, but still soft enough for conversation.

Every meal starts off with warm tortilla chips and salsa, and we decided—wisely—to splurge on the cheese dipping sauce. Because really, what can ever go wrong with cheese? The only bad thing was that I polished off so many chips, it nearly ruined my appetite. Be careful not to overdo it, because you really don’t want to miss the main event.

Don't forget the cheese dip!

For my lunch, I tried the jerk pork with pineapple cream sauce, served with rice, black beans, and veggies. The pineapple cream sauce was something special—tangy but cooling, and perfectly complementary to the pork. It was a delicious, summery meal, not too hot and heavy. They have a dinner portion too, but the lunch portion was packed with plenty of food (I actually never ate dinner that day, the lunch satisfied me so much).

Cindia had the more traditional chicken quesadilla with rice and refried beans for her lunch. It was good, but definitely not as pretty as my lunch presentation, and it didn’t have any real knockout elements.

There truly is something for everyone on Don Juan’s menu—from more traditional Mexican fare, to new lighter and vegetarian options, and a number of kid-friendly meals.  The owner of the restaurants is Colombian, and they offer a lot more than just burritos and enchiladas. They also have a full bar, with wine, beer, and of course margaritas.

Healthy portions, beautiful presentation.

If you haven’t been in a while, this is a great time to rediscover Don Juan’s. And if you’ve never been, what better day than Cinco de Mayo to stop by and check it out? Today only, regular margaritas are $2.79, and all beer is $1.79. They also have Cinco de Mayo 2011 t-shirts for $4.99, and the house tequila shot with souvenir shot glass is $2.99. Go for the margaritas and stay for the best Latin food in Lexington.

-Heather Morris


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