Tea Time At the Lexington Tea House

This is going to sound girlie, but I really love tea parties. When I was a little girl you couldn’t have paid me to sit down, drink tea, play with dolls. Gross. But now that I’m grown I just love the pomp and circumstance of afternoon tea.

Tea Trays with food

Tea Trays with Food

If you’ve never tried it, you are in luck. In our very own town we have a beautiful tea house called the Lexington Tea House. The location has been used as a tea room before, but the current owners have been there for 2 years.

The Lexington Tea House has everything that I really love about tea parties. Adorable little tables, napkins, and china, older ladies in fancy hats, and really banging scones.

My friend and I visited the tea house last Saturday, we completely forgot about Mother’s Day. The whole place was packed with parties who had made reservations. Word of advice, always make reservations. Everyone who works at the Lexington Tea House are very kind and we were found a table immediately.

table setting

Beautiful table with all our goodies

In honor of Mother’s Day the Lexington Tea House was having a special buffet that only cost $15.50, tax and tip all included. The buffet featured favorite tea party fare. Mini cakes, macaroons, tea sandwiches, salads, and those scones served with Devonshire cream. Tea was served with the buffet, of course, and included some delicious hot and iced teas. Heather tried the iced peach tea which was very fruity and tasty. I had the Paris hot tea, it was infused with cardamom.

The Lexington Tea House

The sign you see from the road

The Lexington Tea House is located behind the KFC and Library on 6th Street. It looks like a cute a little house from the street with a little sign hanging outside. When they aren’t open for their regular hours they will still take reservations for special events and parties. They also offer a chance for little girls to have a tea party with dress up clothes provided.

-Cindia G. Leonard


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