We All Screamed…For a Banana Split

The glorious beginnings of the banana split

If the summer heat has got you in the mood for sweet, cold classics, look no further than The Bar-B-Q Center, where you can find a fantastic, old school banana split.

The banana split costs $6.00, which seems like a lot, until you realize that the thing is a monster that can easily be shared between four or five people. We had three people on our team to tackle the beast, but we could let a few more in and still all gotten plenty to satisfy our sweet teeth.

There are all the expected elements here—chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream, the banana, walnuts, a healthy dollop of whipped cream, and a cherry to top it all off (I never really understood—is the fruit supposed to make you feel like you’re actually doing something healthy? Because there’s no way that the half gallon of ice cream I shoveled down was negated by that cherry or banana). The traditional flavors and presentation are what make this banana split so delicious and so fun.

Everyone goes at a banana split in their own way. Some people want one flavor at a time, while others want a big, Neapolitan scoop of all three at once.  The battling spoons are half the fun of eating, and for a while I felt like I was in a 50s teen comedy. Then I felt like I should go home and check my insulin levels.

The banana split at The Bar-B-Q Center is a great summer treat. Grab some spoons and some friends and dig in.

-Heather Morris


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