Main Street Pizza & Deli

Main Street Deli SignJust off of Main Street is a little place that something of an institution here in Lexington; I’m talking, of course, about Main Street Pizza & Deli.  In a town known mainly for it’s barbeque, this restaurant has garnered a reputation for its own specialty—pizza crust and sandwich bread made entirely in-house.

This restaurant is a local favorite and a lunchtime hangout where many of the city’s employees can be found.  Its preference for the lunchtime business crowd is evident by its hours of operation: the restaurant is closed both Saturday and Sunday, and it closes at 7:30pm on weekdays (except Monday when it is only open 11am-2pm).

Not knowing their business hours, Cindia and I went on a Wednesday at about 7:00pm.  Despite the time we arrived, the staff was very friendly and continued to do their closing duties as we ate (there were two other tables full of customers who had food as well).  We split a 21” pizza called the Super Special, which was a great bargain, and it came completely loaded with many different types of toppings (sausage, pepperoni, ham, onions, peppers, etc.) which eliminated the bickering of which toppings to pick.  The best thing about the pizza was the crust, which was neither the thick Chicago-style, nor the thin New York-style, but something in between, and very good.  Cindia remarked that the crust was very “doughy,” as opposed to being crispy, which I thought made the pizza more chewable. I could tell that crust was definitely homemade, and that fact added to the overall taste experience.

Roast Beef SandwichA return visit to the restaurant proved that the great quality of the food was consistent.  This time I ordered their roast beef, which was claimed by the menu as having been famous for over thirty years.  What I got was something utterly unique–roast beef, Lexington style.  The roast beef of the sandwich was prepared like a pulled pork barbeque sandwich, including the cole slaw.  The sandwich was excellent, but what really stole the show were the homemade potato chips, complete with ranch dressing. They had been fried, but not over-fried, and were, therefore, not heavy on the stomach (Also, they were also sliced thin, which gave them that satisfying crunch when bitten into).  I ordered a half-order, which I regretted because I did not have enough to go with the generous-sized sandwich.

Overall, the service was friendly, and the food was very unique.  We left with plenty to take home, and lots to talk about.

–Zach Leonard


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    good job

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