Summer Gardening, With A Little Help From Our Friends

Welcome to Beth's Greenhouse.

It’s not too late to plant that summer garden. If you have the space, it can be a great way to save money on produce, and plants and flowers are a quick and easy way to liven up your yard.  In Davidson county, we’ve found a great resource  for both plantings and gardening advice at Beth’s Greenhouse, located in Welcome on Leonard Road.

Forget the sterile concrete enclosures of Lowe’s and Wal-Mart. Beth’s Greenhouse is an open yard covered with flowers, vegetables, and herbs. It’s a neat place to spend a sunny afternoon, and even amateur gardeners are sure to find something to start out with. Plus, you’ll be supporting a local business.

A look inside the greenhouse.

The staff are all extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and on their advice my friend Cindia came away with a variety of herbs, some watermelon and cantaloupe, and onions for her new vegetable garden. All of the plants at Beth’s were pretty affordable, and already looked bigger and healthier than similar plants found at the big box stores. And the best part—within a week, they were growing like crazy!

The herbs are already thriving, and soon she’ll have fresh veggies and fruits that we don’t have to travel to the grocery store for. Of course there are also a ton of flowers at Beth’s, in case you are more interested in prettying up your yard. Perennials and Annuals of all kinds are on display, and you’re sure to find something beautiful.

Check out Cindia's herbs. They've gone wild!

If you’re lucky enough to live here in the area and have the space to grow even a few things, head over to Beth’s. You’ll be able to save money on produce, introduce some healthier foods into your life (something we all need after visiting all those bar-b-que restaurants!), and add a little bit more beauty to your already beautiful home.

-Heather Morris



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2 responses to “Summer Gardening, With A Little Help From Our Friends

  1. luis gonzalez

    Thanks Beth, I live in Chesapeake VA and I will definetely visit Beth’s next time I’m in town.

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