Barbecue with Style

The Spread

On Sunday, Zachary and I got a chance to check out Lexington Style Trimmings, or LST. Back in May 2010 we wrote a little piece about a restaurant Henry James Family Dining. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out I’ll sum up the experience for you: It sucked. Anyways, we were left a comment by Stephen Lynch that LST was one of the best BBQ places in town. We got some follow up commentary that agreed and there was mention of amazing hushpuppies. Stephen said if we weren’t satisfied with our food, then lunch was on him. I’m happy to report that Stephen, you can keep your money.

I didn’t know what to expect when we drove up to LST, located across from Finch Park on East Center Street. It didn’t look special from the outside and the inside decor wasn’t exactly what you would call fancy. My husband always says, it’s the shadiest looking restaurants that turn out the best food.

Now I know that everyone in Lexington has their favorite BBQ restaurant. My husband is devoted to the Bar-B-Que Center. We have a new writer coming on who is a big Lexington Barbecue fan. My husband’s family will only eat at Smiley’s. I haven’t tasted them all yet, but LST comes close to my heart.

A sliced meat tray, couldn't keep my fork out of it.

Zach had the chopped bbq sandwich, a classic meal, with a side of chili cheese fries. I took advantage of the sliced bbq tray of dark meat with a side of hushpuppies. Now, everyone has been talking about these hushpuppies but I was really impressed with the meat. It was very juicy and sweet, the skin gets caramelized when it’s smoked just right. It came with dip but I didn’t need it. Actually I think the dip made took away from the taste of the meat. If you poked the meat with your fork it just came apart. It was very delicious.

A little hushpuppy action.

Then there were those  hushpuppies. Amazing! They lived up to the hype. They aren’t like any other hushpuppy you’ll have in Lexington. Made from scratch with small pieces of onion inside, these little balls of joy were fried to order. They came out a little greasy but still very tasty. A little crunchy on the outside by moist and creamy tasting on the inside. Only six puppies came with my order and I was tempted to buy more.

Overall we had a great experience eating the bbq at the Lexington Style Trimmings and I recommend everyone give it a try. You might already have a favorite, but this place is worth the visit.

– Cindia G Leonard



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  2. M G S

    We love this place.

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