A Taste of Italy Uptown

Naples Italian Grille

Located in the heart of uptown Lexington, Naples Italian Grille offers the only Italian food in the area. Luckily for Italian lovers, it’s pretty good stuff.

I headed out to Naples on a Saturday afternoon, and it was surprisingly empty. Towards the end of my meal, some graduation parties started trickling in, but for a while I was one of only two parties there. The inside of the restaurant is small and cute, but the mirrored and muraled walls and draping lights are perhaps more fitting of a romantic date night than Saturday lunch.

For my lunch, I had the chicken parmigana sub sandwich. It’s one of my favorite things, when done right, but it’s also something that can go very wrong. I’m happy to report that this one was great. The bread was still crunchy despite the sauce and cheese, and there wasn’t an overwhelming or messy amount of sauce. And the best part was the cheese. The sandwich was positively smothered in ooey gooey mozzarella goodness. If their pizzas have anything near the ratio of cheese as the sandwich did, they will be very delicious pizzas indeed.

a hearty lunch

My sandwich came with a bag of chips on the side. I could have paid extra for fries, but I hate paying extra for anything, even when the prices are low, and besides, the chips served just fine. The only complaint I had was that I really could have used a pickle. It’s a small thing, but I just felt the whole plate needed something more to round it out.

Naples offers a wide variety on their menu, so I will definitely have to return to sample more. Their offerings include pizzas, Stromboli, calzones, pasta, seafood, grilled sandwiches, hot and cold deli sandwiches, and subs, and almost everything comes in under $15. Oddly, though, despite the romantic atmosphere, they don’t serve any wine, only soft drinks, sweet tea, and coffee.

Their prices are even better during their lunch specials, Monday through Friday 11-3. It’s a great restaurant to visit for a date night or family celebrations, but the low prices and the variety are enough to make it an everyday hangout, too.

-Heather Morris


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