High Rock Outfitters Keeps Lexington Alive After Five

Asheville’s Underhill Rose perform at HRO last spring. Photo by Donnie Roberts/The Dispatch

Across the street from the Old Davidson County Courthouse in Uptown Lexington sits a hidden gem of a place that isn’t quite so hidden anymore.

In recent months, High Rock Outfitters has grown from a small upstart serving up canoes, kayaks and other outdoor equipment with a side of Marley Coffee, to a destination spot for after-five entertainment and the elusive (in Lexington, at least)  pint of craft beer.

Aaron 'Woody' Wood (right) harmionizes with his father, reknown bluegrass musician A.L. Wood, during Woody's concert . Photo by Donnie Roberts/The Dispatch

Since opening their doors last fall, owners Chris Phelps and Randy Grimes have made a point to expand their offerings to include a diverse lineup of local and regional talent that focuses mainly on bluegrass, folk and rock music. Recently they added stand-up comedy to the mix with well-known headliners like Tom Simmons, Jarrod Harris and Lexington-native, Adam Allred. Weekly events like Monday open-mics, Tuesday and Wednesday night jam sessions, book club meetings and $3 pint nights (courtesy of Foothills Brewery) add to the spot’s appeal for a core group of regulars.

Captivated crowd photo by Donnie Roberts/The Dispatch

Big on atmosphere, High Rock Outfitters (HRO to those in the know), has an upscale feel with its deep-toned, rustic décor and intimate performance setup. But don’t mistake refined tastes for aloof attitudes. The folks who call the local hangout their own are as laid-back as they come, often relaxing on the comfy couch in the corner by the bar or out on the sidewalk under café-style umbrellas.

You don’t have to be a regular to see that HRO is leading the charge for pulling lazy Lexington back out onto the city streets well past closing time. On any given night the lights are on, cars are parked out front and like-minded people are smiling, drinking, laughing and jamming in sync – all without any of the “trouble” some would assume comes in combination with youth and public socializing.

-Ryan Jones

While an in-depth Q&A with Chris Phelps is in the works (check back next week!), be sure to check out some of these upcoming events at HRO.

Pigs and Pints BBQ Festival Jam
October 22 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Get event pricing and information at http://pigsandpints.eventbrite.com/

The Dilated Imagination Comedy tour with Rory Scovel
November 3 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Keel Power Trio
December 30 from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.


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