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A Smiley’s Experience

From the “Sound Horn for Service” sign on the oversized outdoor menu to the cleaver-wielding fiberglass pig beckoning from the doorway, Smiley’s on Winston Road is the quintessential Lexington barbecue restaurant.

Curbside service menu at Smiley's

Despite the clear instructions for curb service, my significant other and I chose to go inside and sit in the main dining room when we visited the well-known establishment for the very first time last week – we’re both native Lexingtonians but, as Cindia said in her post on Lexington Style Trimmings, everyone has their Q joint of choice and Lexington Barbecue is ours.
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A Taste of Italy Uptown

Naples Italian Grille

Located in the heart of uptown Lexington, Naples Italian Grille offers the only Italian food in the area. Luckily for Italian lovers, it’s pretty good stuff.
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Main Street Pizza & Deli

Main Street Deli SignJust off of Main Street is a little place that something of an institution here in Lexington; I’m talking, of course, about Main Street Pizza & Deli.  In a town known mainly for it’s barbeque, this restaurant has garnered a reputation for its own specialty—pizza crust and sandwich bread made entirely in-house.
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